From the desk of Kimberley Miner, fan
and family member of Guggenheim Entertainment

Dear Family, Friends and Fans,

Coming Soon 2009
If you are not on the mailing list for The Retro Dome or their fan on Facebook this may be news to you. Sadly, Shannon, Scott and Steve lost their lease for the Dome.  From day one, they knew this was likely and they were able to extend their lease far longer than they had ever expected. Unfortunately, the owner of the building  is ready for the next step-- to tear it down and rebuild. (A personal side note, this is awful news considering the dome style movie theaters are vanishing and will be gone from our cityscape in the near future.)

However, what is done is done. The Dome is not asking people to protest or fight to get the lease renewed; they knew this was coming and it was a matter of time.  However, they ARE asking for support of their current shows. It is their hope that they can find a new home and until then they will continue to be fully operational through the end of the year.   

In order for them to keep operating while seek out a new home they need people in the seats now! If you haven't been to a show and keep saying you are going to make it- go now before it is too late!

Regardless of if you come, please take a moment to tell some friends.  This is the chance to see the last few shows in this historic theater before it is "Turned Into A Parking Lot", to paraphrase Joni Mitchell, and support a great local theater. 

The current production "The Game Show Show!" is an original piece of work by Shannon, Scott and Steve.  It shouldn't be missed. I promise you will be humming the title song for days on end.  If you saw the preview this May- much has changed so come back one last time! 

There will also be the return of "Santastic!" and a one night concert of "The MeshugaNutcracker!" this December. They will still be playing movies many of which are sing-alongs and quote-a-longs!

To those of you who have supported The Retro Dome and Guggenheim Entertainment families - by coming to see the shows, telling a friend, donating to their Kickstarter campaign, or just asking how they are - THANK YOU.  This is such a true labor of love for them and I cannot believe this stage is coming to an end. If hard work and dedication could be translated into money they would be multimillionaires by now. 

Look forward to seeing you at The Retro Dome one last time in 2012!